Bilingual Babysitting (3+)

We offer babysitting for your children (3+), by a ‘native’ speaker of your chosen language (English, Spanish, Italian, etc.), specially trained in our immersion teaching methods, and all in the comfort of your own home.

Our teaching method is predominantly playful and interactive. The aim of ‘Bilingual Kids’ is to take your child on a linguistic journey with the use of games and songs based around everyday activities (the walk to school, bath time, baking a cake etc.)

These familiar, repetitive actions allow the children to interact more easily with the childminder and to enjoy listening to the spoken language. In this way your child will gradually create meaning, isolate and memorize words, answer simple questions, and incorporate structure into the language.

Our childminders use a toolkit designed by us as they choose activities appropriate to the age, understanding, and individual learning pace of your child: flashcards, nursery rhymes, role play etc. (See “our staff”)

Every programme is created according to the specific needs of each child.

Group Babysitting (3+)

Our shared babysitting service offers several families the opportunity to join together as we look after their children together (maximum 3), which significantly reduces the cost.

Bilingual Kids proposes shared babysitting in the form of themed workshops (cooking, theatre, art) according to the children’s age, level of understanding of the target language and social abilities.

Our babysitters, who are native speaks in the target language, or completely bilingual create a programme for either each term or yearly. At the end of each workshop, the parents are invited to enjoy a presentation of the children’s work.

We also offer this service in French, to the children of foreign families who have recently moved to Toulouse.


Regardless of your age, your children’s age, your schedule, or your expectations in terms of learning or building upon your language ability, Bilingual Kids has a solution to suit your individual needs.

Thanks to our teaching method and the training and profile of our staff (all native speakers) we provide a combination of babysitting and linguistic immersion. Find out about what we can offer you – contact us today!