We offer children’s language classes with the aim of immersing them completely from the age of 9. In order to evaluate the child’s level of understanding of the target language, the tutor shall evaluate them from the first session, in order to tailor the programme to their specific needs. Then we create a programme, taking into account the importance of regular lessons to maintain a high level of immersion.

This service is also available in French to foreign children and adolescents who have recently settled in Toulouse.

Primary School

Our tutors will focus on the immersion of a child in the chosen language, through the use of oral communication in daily activities, and within the specific interests of the child, be it theatre, outings, books etc.

Secondary School

In lower school, the child will learn to be more independent, and gain confidence in their arguments and analysis. However, his/her opportunities to speak in class are considerably reduced from that of primary school. To counterbalance this, we offer fun and interactive methods, which focus on personal expression and verbal communication.

Sixth form

For young people learning a language, one must adapt the programme for the particular characteristics of the age group. There are two essential components

needed to achieve this: a good relationship between the tutor and the child; and the use of interactive teaching methods that reflect the individual interests of the specific student, for example, encompassing music, sports, fashion, cinema etc.


Regardless of your age, your children’s age, your schedule, or your expectations in terms of learning or building upon your language ability, Bilingual Kids has a solution to suit your individual needs.

Thanks to our teaching method and the training and profile of our staff (all native speakers) we provide a combination of babysitting and linguistic immersion. Find out about what we can offer you – contact us today!