As a Colombian native who has made Toulouse her home for the past 20 years, Liliana SAMPEDRO has been exposed to language learning from a young age. Benefiting from a wealth of professional experience in journalism and teaching, both in France and overseas, as well as her experience in daily life as a bilingual mother, she created Bilingual Kids in March 2012. This Toulouse-based business proposes the learning of languages at home to children, teenagers and adults.

After more than 20 years working, she maintains that today, more than ever, the ability to speak several languages is an essential skill for both social and professional life. There is an ever present need for people with language skills thanks to the globalisation of professions, the development of media and the increased use of the internet.

Furthermore, research has shown that learning a foreign language at a young age greatly improves a child’s ability to master that language and obtain a native proficiency. At primary school, children learn by singing, playing and drawing and so this is the ideal time to learn a foreign language.

To respond to the growing interest of parents about learning languages, and the belief that language and culture are inseparable, Liliana SAMPEDRO, in collaboration with psychologists, teachers and psycholinguists all specialising in bilingualism, created a teaching approach based on language immersion at home.

Liliana SAMPEDRO, journalist and teacher

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Regardless of your age, your children’s age, your schedule, or your expectations in terms of learning or building upon your language ability, Bilingual Kids has a solution to suit your individual needs.

Thanks to our teaching method and the training and profile of our staff (all native speakers) we provide a combination of babysitting and linguistic immersion. Find out about what we can offer you – contact us today!